Multi-species Fishing Trips

This trip will target 3-5 different species depending on the area fished. Halibut, salmon, rockfish, lingcod, and yelloweye are a few of the
targeted species. You will travel farther out into the Gulf of Alaska where the colder, deeper waters have some of the most amazing and prehistoric looking rockfish. The record lingcod caught is 86 pounds! Limits based on current regulations made by ADFG. Weather will play a big part of how far we can travel out. Rockfish are found in rock formations a great distance away from Homer. They can be found in the same locations where larger halibut and rockfish are.

You can expect a few hours travel time on the boat before we reach the fishing grounds. Along the way you can enjoy the ride and soak in the sights that Kachemak Bay provides. The farther out we go into the Gulf of Alaska, the more likely we are to come across wildlife that you may not see in the bay. Again, weather plays a big part on how far out we can travel. If the waters are too rough to make it out to these locations, Captain Dan will head to his best fishing spots to make sure you get the best out of your multi-species trip.