Rockfish and Salmon Combo

The Alaska fishing regulations do not permit halibut fishing on WEDNESDAYS ONLY, so we have added a new trip targeting the prehistoric looking rockfish and salmon. Yelloweye, black rockfish, lingcod, and king salmon/silver salmon (depending on the season). These fish are located in the deeper waters further out into the Gulf of Alaska. The FV/ Game Changer allows us to reach those fishing spots that other boats are unable to travel to. With quad 425’s it won’t take us long to reach the fishing grounds. Be prepared to spend the entire day on the water, as this trip is an all-day excursion. Scheduled to leave the harbor at 7:00 am and arrive back around 6:00 pm. Meals are not included, so bring what you need to keep yourself going.

We will run this trip for June, July, and August. **Lingcod opens July 1 st ** Please keep in mind that we need at least 8 anglers scheduled for this trip in order to leave the harbor. We will do everything we can to ensure you get out and have the ultimate fishing experience! We have a microwave, coffee maker, stove, bathroom, and sleeping quarters just in case you need to rest.

**We will have certain Tuesdays during the month of July and August available for this trip as well.**