Homer Ocean Charters | Our Fleet

Our fleet includes the Blackjack and the Game Changer, which have all the amenities you could ask for while on the waters. Not only do we have top of the line equipment, but also have the speed to get you to your fishing destinations faster than most other Homer ocean charters. Along with a strong fleet, we have very experienced captains that not only love to fish, but they love to have a good time. Captains Dan and Jesse have the utmost respect for clients and want to ensure that your fishing experience is exceptional. We know you will have an experience to remember!

Coming in 2022Introducing the DOUBLE DOWNDouble Down on Double Limits with an overnight tripNow accepting reservationsCall Sarah for more information907-598-3391

The Game Changer

The F/V Game Changer is our 42 foot catamaran, 12 passenger vessel, a new addition to our Homer ocean charters. This boat will feel like you are at home on the water. Its accommodations include:

  • Comfortable seating & heated cabin

  • Six sleeping bunks & bathroom

  • Microwave, stove, coffee maker & refrigerator

  • Quad 425 Yamaha motors equaling 1700 horsepower

The Blackjack

The F/V Blackjack is a 31 foot, 6 passenger, single hull vessel with accommodations including:

  • Comfortable seating & heated cabin

  • A sleeping berth & bathroom

  • Microwave & coffee maker

  • Twin 300 Yamaha motors

The Double Down

Coming in 2022

The F/V Double Down is a 50 foot vessel with accommodations including:

  • Full Bathroom and Shower

  • 8 Private bunks with storage

  • Full Galley and Kitchen

  • Quad 425 Yamaha motors

Whether it’s just you and a friend or you and your entire family, our Homer ocean charters offer a variety of options to fit your needs for the Homer fishing trip of a lifetime. Both the Blackjack and the Game Changer can be booked privately so you can catch all the fish on state of the art fishing vessels beside your family and friends! Check for availability before it’s too late.

Alaska State Fishing Regulations

The state of Alaska requires you to obtain a fishing license before embarking on any fishing trips. A license is required to participate in sport, commercial, and personal use fishing; and sport fish guiding or hunting guiding. They are available for residents, non-residents, members of the military, and residents who are Disabled Veterans or who are age 60 or older. Most licenses, as well as a king salmon stamp, can be purchased online or you can find them at local retailers.