Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer


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Don’t miss out on your opportunity to catch some fresh king salmon.

Winter king salmon fishing is a perk here in Kachemak Bay. While most of your friends and family are waiting for the summer salmon run to fill up their freezers, we have the opportunity to do it year-round.

Isn’t it too cold to fish for kings in the winter?

The Game Changer is a 42′ vessel with a heated cabin and is one of the fleet’s stars. The option to warm up in the cabin with some coffee and good food provides comfort even on the coldest days. Fishing in the winter  So don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking off some of those extra layers.

Is it safe to be out on a boat during covid?

Here at Big Dan’s Fishing Charters, we are committed to your safety. We follow all mandates that have been put out and take every precaution to be safe. With a large vessel and our special group rate, you can feel confident that we are doing all we can to stop the spread.

What is so special about winter kings?

As many may or may not know, winter kings go by different names. One name is “feeder kings.” The reason being that they are not fully mature, meaning they are not ready to spawn yet. However, that does not mean they are small. So catching a winter king will definitely bring meat to the table. Another perk is that between September 1 – March 31st, winter kings do not impact your annual king limit. Meaning you can catch winter kings during those months and still be able to pursue the kings coming to spawn in the early summer.

What is the limited time offer?

From now until March 31st, we are offering a group rate that will save you $500. We have lowered the per person rate to $200 and included the 6th person for free. Yes, you read that correctly. If you get 5 of your buddies together to fish, you can go for free. That’s right! Your group gets the whole vessel and the opportunity to bring some fresh saltwater feeder kings in the middle of winter.

So what is stopping you? Call Sarah today and start 2021 off right by making some memories and putting some fresh fish in the freezer.

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