Black Bear Hunting Alaska

bear hunting alaskaSpring black bear hunting Alaska out of Homer is an exciting and coveted Do-It-Yourself hunting option. The areas nearby hold a healthy black bear population. Typically in the middle of April the bear come out of their dens and begin feeding along the shore. Your hunt consists of glassing the shoreline from the comfort of our 50-foot custom catamaran the Double Down, and also hiking the area foothills and mountains. You’ll find our arrangements to be more than comfortable for up to six bear hunters with ample sleeping, seating and deck area for all. All meals are included and hearty. 

These are UNGUIDED hunts: Our crew are not big game hunting guides. We are a big game transporter. We cannot accompany you ashore during your hunt or help you in anyway accomplish your hunt or game harvesting. We may only provide you with food, lodging and transportation to and from the field.

Bear Hunting Details:

Hunting trips available April 15 – June 5 

  • DIY Spring Bear Hunting & Fishing. (We provide the fishing gear)
  • Up to six hunters paying $22,800 for the entire vessel. ($3,800 each for 6)
  • Trip duration is 6 days/5 nights total which includes five days of hunting and one day of travel.
  • Transportation, meals, and vessel-based lodging included.
  • Brand new 50-foot catamaran.
  • Hunters can inquire about fall bear hunting opportunities.

Pricing is $3800 per person for 6 bear hunters. For less than 6 hunters the party must defer to the boat price of $22,800. The spring black bear hunt originates from Homer and takes place over 5 nights and 6 days. This includes 5 days of hunting and the transportation time. As time allows we may choose to provide fishing as part of your experience. Hunters must provide all of their own hunting gear and game processing equipment.

  • Black Bear cubs or sows with cubs are NOT legally allowed to be harvested.
  • Black bear hides and skulls must be sealed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
  • Evidence of sex MUST remain naturally attached to hide.
  • Before June 1st, all black bear meat MUST be salvaged and removed from the field.
  • Glacier Bears (blue faze) are NOT allowed to be harvested.
  • All hunters are responsible for complying with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations.
  • Hunters must know what tags and licensing is needed and the regulations for the area they are hunting. Big Dan’s is not responsible for hunters having the proper licensing. All laws and guidelines apply.
bear hunting alaska

Important Advisory Information:

  • Self-Guided hunts are for experienced hunters who are capable of guiding themselves in all aspects of spring bear hunting.
  • Big Dan’s crew are NOT allowed to legally assist you in any aspect of your hunt.
  • Big Dan’s employees are NOT licensed hunting guides. We only operate as TRANSPORTERS under ADF&G rules.
  • We are NOT allowed to provide hunters with map locations, GPS coordinates or any other information on where to hunt.
  • Big Dan’s Employees CANNOT provide any assistance with field care of any game.
  • Big Dan’s CANNOT provide any field dressing care of the game while on or off the vessel.
  • All hunting and processing equipment must be furnished by the hunter. 
  • Your hunting party must research the hunting locations and have knowledge of where they would like to hunt.
  • Please see the Alaska Department of Fish & Game Transporter Regulations & Guidelines.