Homer Alaska Fishing Trips

HALIBUT/SALMON COMBO TRIPS are great year around. We split the day between trolling for salmon and jigging for halibut. This full day charter takes you out to choice fishing locations traveling between 30-45 miles out of Homer. These Homer Alaska fishing trips can be made on both the Blackjack and the Game Changer.

MULTI-SPECIES FISHING TRIPS Choose to target either halibut/salmon/rockfish  -OR-  lingcod/halibut/salmon/rockfish on our multi-species fishing trips. Travel farther out into the Gulf of Alaska on one of the most exclusive Homer Alaska fishing trips, where the colder/deeper waters have some of the most amazing and prehistoric looking rock fish.

OVERNIGHT MULTI-SPECIES FISHING TRIPS are spent traveling farther into the Gulf of Alaska. These overnight trips are perfect for those anglers who want to get their annual stock of fish, going out just one time. You can book a trip on your own or book the entire boat, we offer private boat rates for large groups.

ROCKFISH AND SALMON Since Alaska fishing regulations does not permit halibut fishing on Wednesday’s, we have added a new trip targeting wicked looking rockfish and salmon, yelloweye, black rockfish, lingcod, and king salmon or silver salmon, depending on the season. All of these species are delicious table fare. These fish are located in the deeper waters in the Gulf of Alaska.

Additional Information

Homer Alaska fishing trips require you to purchase a fishing license, plus bring your own drinks, snacks, and meals. King stamps and winter king derby tickets will also need to be purchased before your trip if applicable. It would be a shame to have to release a king salmon after a good fight, due to not having the proper stamp that allows you to legally keep the fish. Our captains are very knowledgable if you have any questions about king salmon stamps.

It should be noted that Alaska weather is unpredictable. You never know what the weather will be like on the ocean, so it’s best to be prepared for your trip with layered clothes and quality rain gear. Rubber boots are highly encouraged. We do have sweatshirts and t- shirts for sale in case you need some extra layers or want to rep our fishing company.

It also should be noted that based on the current regulations ADF&G, the daily halibut limit is one ANY size and one under 32 inches. Additionally, chartered boats are not allowed to fish halibut on Wednesdays.

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Alaska State Fishing Regulations

You must purchase your required Alaska fishing license before embarking on our Homer Alaska fishing trips. In Alaska, a license is required to participate in sport, commercial, and personal use fishing; and sport fish guiding or hunting guiding. Licenses are available for residents, non-residents, members of the military, and residents who are Disabled Veterans or who are age 60 or older. Most licenses, as well as a king salmon stamp, can be purchased online or you can find them at local retailers.