Kenai River Fishing GuideKenai River Fishing Guide for King Salmon

*Subject to changes in ADF&G regulations

June & July

Kenai River fishing guide Nathan Humphrey of Big Dan’s Fishing provides an opportunity to catch several different species of fish. Among them is the largest of the five Pacific salmon species, the mighty king salmon, which is also known as Chinook. The Kenai River is home to a special run of king salmon, known to reach gigantic proportions. Most Alaska anglers would agree that the Kenai produces the largest king salmon in Alaska, and fish over 50 pounds are not uncommon. These giants can spend up to five years at sea gaining in size and strength before returning to the Kenai River to spawn. King salmon are the least abundant of the species swimming in the Kenai, so anglers should expect a limited number of encounters with these amazing fish, but the opportunity is well worth it! Our Kenai River fishing guide Nate Humphrey will give you every opportunity to hook a Kenai hawg.

Kenai River Fishing GuideThe most common techniques for catching kings are backtrolling and backbouncing. Many Kenai River fishing guides backtroll plugs like the Luhr-Jensen K-16 Kwikfish. This technique involves deploying the plugs a certain distance behind the boat, placing the rods in holders, and waiting for a king to grab hold while the boat captain slowly works the boat downriver. When bait is legal, the addition of a strip of sardine fillet to the belly of the plug will increase the odds of getting a bite. Plug bites can be savage, and when a big king pounces on a plug, turns its head and races off, the rod folds over and the fight is on!

Backbouncing involves raising and lowering your lure a few feet at a time while the boat captain slowly backs the boat downstream. Spin-N-Glo’s are common attractors used in this rigging and the addition of salmon roe when legal increases the odds of enticing a Kenai River Chinook into biting. This technique is particularly fun as anglers get to work the rod, feel the bite and set the hook.  It’s also very effective, just like backtrolling, because it allows both captain and angler the ability to thoroughly cover holding water and methodically present baits to king salmon.

Kenai River fishing trips are action packed and great fun. Our Kenai River fishing guide predominantly fishes the lower section of the Kenai for kings, and all fishing is done from our very comfortable river boats. Quality gear is part of the experience and a necessity when trying to land these large and powerful fish.

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