Fish Processing

Homer fish processors are our partners in getting your fish home with you. You’ve done the work and caught the fish, now what? The crew at Big Dan’s will fillet your catch for you and then you can connect with one of our favorite Homer fish processors, or one in Soldotna or Seward. A fish processing company will take your fillets, seal them in air tight vacuum sealed bags, then deep freeze your haul. From there you can pick up your processed fish or have it shipped home. If your fish has a long way to travel, we recommend that clients use a fish processing company to ensure that your fish arrives fresh and delicious.

Things to Know when Packaging Fish

  • Removing the air is the most important step you can take. Make sure to vacuum all air out of individual packages before sealing, and pack your shipping box to the top to remove as much air as possible.
  • Typically if you are transporting frozen fish you will not need any refrigerant. If you are shipping fresh fish, you will need a refrigerant.
  • If you plan to fly with your fish, check with your airline for any specific regulations for refrigerant before hand.

When using a Homer fish processor, all of these details are taken care of for you. Here is who we recommend: