Add a Little Fishing to Your Sightseeing Tour

Seward excursions run a diverse gamut including activities that cater to everyone’s taste. From scenic sightseeing tours to thrilling fishing adventures, excursions provide an array of options for visitors to craft their ideal Alaska trip. So what if you want a little bit of both? That’s where Big Dan’s can help. Planning excursions on your vacation is the best way to elevate the overall experience. Local guides bring Seward to life, sharing stories that go beyond guidebooks. Whether it’s a thrilling activity or relaxing sightseeing, Seward excursions make your vacation not just a trip but a collection of extraordinary moments. And now you can add a little fishing to your sightseeing tour and double down on the fun!

Big Dan’s Early Season Special

Here at Big Dan’s Fishing, we are offering an extraordinary opportunity to kick off your summer with an early season special. This package is the perfect blend of sightseeing and fishing during the early season. Explore stunning landscapes and wildlife with a couple of hours dedicated to fishing for rockfish or salmon, depending on the timing and season. You get a sightseeing tour and fishing charter for the price of $395 per person, plus tax. 

Seward excursions

Picture yourself aboard the BlackJack, navigating pristine waters and gazing at the majestic wildlife. The early portion of the fishing season is the perfect time for this unique experience allowing guests to witness the same breathtaking sights as a Kenai Fjords trip but with a bit of fishing and the chance for a fresh catch. This is the time of year when guests are most likely to see whales during their tour. Our private boat experience ensures an intimate connection with nature, away from the crowds, making your Seward excursion more personalized and enjoyable. 

Seward Excursions Make Memories

You will return to the docks from this fishing and sightseeing excursion with memories, photos and delicious fish. Is there a Seward restaurant ready to transform your fresh catch into a culinary masterpiece? It’s definitely worth asking! Many fine restaurants in port towns like this will offer a Cook your Catch option where they take the fillet you bring and prepare it for your meal.

Join us at Big Dan’s Fishing for existing early season sightseeing and fishing Seward excursions- combining the best of nature viewing and adventure. Make your visit to Seward, Alaska unforgettable. This Seward excursion is likely to be one of the biggest highlights of your Alaska trip.

Contact Sarah today (Phone: 907-598-3391) to book your early season sightseeing and fishing combo day trip in Seward.