Homer Fishing Report

Our Homer fishing report will update regularly across the fishing season sharing our observations, experiences and expertise fishing out of Homer and Seward.

Homer fishing report

Early 2023 Season

Fishing out of Homer and Seward this summer, we have just started to see good weather now in the third week of June. Groups have started bringing in larger and larger halibut, and lots of rockfish are filling the decks.

King Salmon

We officially started our season the second week of May. King fishing was still slow, but our crew was happy because the halibut were biting. Groups going out caught their halibut while king fishing steadily picked up. A few were harvested until all king fishing in the area was closed on May 15th by emergency order.

Rough Weather

As May wore on, the weather and ocean became rough. Big tides and wind shortened some trips, but guests were able to return the next day to bring in some halibut. It was work, but they came back successful.

Rough weather continued into the first week of June with lots of wind and rain making the sea bumpy and the bite a little slow. Our crew and guests put in the time and hard work, so halibut and rockfish were still caught for all to enjoy.

homer fishing report

Some Sunshine and Seward

A break in the weather for a few days gave us some much-needed sunshine. We were blessed with some great days out on the water in Homer. Our first charter of the year, debarking from Seward, was declared a success with anglers catching halibut, rockfish and octopus!

homer fishing report

Rough weather continued to make fishing tough at the end of the second week in June. The seas were a little bumpy which made getting the anchor to stick a little challenging. On a couple days we saw 10 ft. rolling seas. Our captains took guests to calmer, more fishable waters. They were thankful for the success when they hauled in some nice sized halibut and a full limit for everyone.

Looking Ahead

The season is shaping up and we are having a blast. Stay tuned for you more updates soon or follow us on social media for the day to day.

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