Kenai river fishing charter

A Kenai River fishing charter targeting coho salmon would schedule during one of two main runs. Coho return to the Kenai River later than other species with the first run beginning in late July and peaking by mid-August. The second run begins in early September and peaks in late September to early October. 

Coho are medium sized salmon. They are smaller than Chinook, but generally larger than Sockeye. Fully grown, they usually weigh 8-12 pounds and measure 24-30 inches long. The largest coho caught in Alaska weighed in at an enormous 26 pounds, according to ADFG records.

The top of the coho salmon is a dark metallic blue and its sides are bright silver. They are commonly referred to as “silvers” because, while they live in the ocean and when they’ve recently entered freshwater, their skin is particularly silver and have smaller and fewer black spots seen on other salmon species. 

Of the salmon family, coho are considered the most aggressive biters and for this reason, they are a favorite among anglers looking for a fight. Coho are renowned for their powerful tug and the aerial leaps they make while trying to shake a hook. A Kenai River fishing charter targeting coho are bound to have an exciting day of fishing.

The coho’s aggressive and eager nature means that they can be caught using a wide variety of techniques; fly fishing, casting spinners, drifting bobbers and with cured salmon eggs to list a few. On a Kenai River fishing charter guided trip, the fishing guide will provide you with the tackle and gear you’ll need to get in the fight. Your guide will also make sure that everyone is aware of and follows important ADFG regulations which vary by species, date and specific stretches of river. The limit for coho is generally 2 per day, 2 in possession. Read all 2022 ADFG regulations for the Kenai River here.