Seward Alaska fishing charters that target coho salmon in Resurrection Bay provide an adrenaline-packed adventure that will leave you grinning ear-to-ear. And with our experience, fish-catching prowess and love for catching fish, we’re a great choice to put you on the silvers.

When you fish with us, we’ll either troll or mooch. Trolling allows us to cover ground when fish aren’t packed together and is deadly effective. We typically catch coho in 45- to 65 feet of water fishing in 90- to 250 feet of water. During our Seward Alaska fishing charters, we’ll send out an array of lures and flashers on downriggers, and dial in the bite. Between Silver Horde Coho Killers, Silver Horde 4-inch hoochies and Luhr Jensen 5-inch Coyote spoons, we know how to fish what the salmon like to eat. We like using 11-inch Bechhold flashers with kicker fins; the action tends to ignite the bite. 

Your job is to reel in 8- to 15 pounds of hard-charging silver lightning. 

When the coho are packed together, mooching is a hand-on means of hooking and fighting coho and is an absolute blast. Captain Andrew tells the anglers what depth to drop to and then they work the hoochie herring combination back up. Silvers will eat it on the drop and on the way up; the key is in producing the proper tight spin by using 2- to 3-inch pieces of green label herring cut at a double 45-degree angle. If your bait gets ripped off, you are still in the game with the hoochie, and silvers will gladly eat that too. With just a 4-ounce banana weight between you and the fish, it’s a hand-to-hand battle with one of Alaska’s most acrobatic salmon.

When you fish on one of our Seward Alaska fishing charters for coho in Resurrection Bay, you get the opportunity to catch six coho per day. Conditions within the bay are typically nicer than outside in the Gulf of Alaska, and weather in August is usually pretty nice. It makes for a truly enjoyable day to make a short boat ride to the fish, hook lots of silvers in typically calm water, enjoy the scenery and get back with a boat load of fillets. 

seward alaska fishing chartersIf you come fish with us during the Seward Silver Salmon Derby you’ve got the chance to win some money too. Top fish last year during the 8/14-8/22 tournament earned $10,000, and a tagged fish could be worth more than that. There are a lot of prizes awarded, which makes a lot of people smile when they win one. If you fish in the bay with a limit of six fish per person, that’s more chances at a derby fish. Either way, it’s a great way to support the City of Seward, is a fun event, and 2022 marks it’s 67 year. Last year Benjamin Cheeseman from Juneau caught the largest overall coho at 14.03 pounds. 

Whether or not you can make it during the derby window, or anytime the coho fishing is solid in the bay, you can expect a fun day on our Seward Alaska fishing charters. If you want a pile of succulent salmon fillets, the adrenaline of fighting coho salmon, and stories to tell your buddies for years to come, then call us and get set up for a coho charter.