Seward Alaska fishing trips combine great fishing opportunities with boundless marine wildlife spottings, incredible mountain panoramas, and raw, unspoiled nature. Located just a few hours south of Anchorage, Seward is a thriving Southcentral destination that attracts anglers looking to target king and coho salmon, lingcod, rockfish and halibut. 

Beginning in June, we offer a rockfish-only trip that provides great action and the ability to target multiple species of rockfish. In Alaska, there are more than 30 species of rockfish, and their different colorings and sizes make them an exciting fish to target. Plus they are plentiful and provide tasty fillets.

At the same time, we also offer a halibut / rockfish Seward Alaska fishing charter. These trips access the Gulf of Alaska and typically require a 90- to 140-mile round trip boat ride. Marine mammals like seals, sea lions, sea otters, orca, and humpback whales are often spotted on the scenic ride to the halibut pasture. Once there, expect to do battle with Pacific halibut, the largest flatfish species in the world. Once anglers get their halibut, then we head to our favorite rockfish spots to bend rods with willing rockfish species like black and yelloweye.

From July 1 through August 30, our Seward Alaska fishing trip menu includes two of our more popular options. The first is our lingcod/rockfish/salmon combo and the other one is the full multi-species trip that includes these three species as well as halibut. Both of these trips offer a bounty of opportunities to bend a rod, potentially on a huge fish, and to load up the fish box with fillets to be enjoyed for many months to come. 

seward alaska fishingFrom mid-July through the end of August, we add a rockfish/salmon combo to the trip choices. This trip averages a 30- to 90-mile round trip and about 5- to 7 hours on the water. When the coho salmon run is at its peak, this is an action-packed adventure filled with lots of fish. Come fish the Seward Silver Salmon Derby with us!

We offer a range of Seward Alaska fishing options to cater to just about anyone’s wants. From short trips for salmon and rockfish, to full-day adventures targeting the spectrum of fun-to-catch species that also put amazing fillets in the freezer, we can set you up with a great fishing trip. Seward also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to scenery and wildlife, so book a trip with us today and see why Big Dan’s Fishing is one of the best charter companies around. Give Sarah a call today for open dates! 907-598-3391.