Best Time to Fish Alaska

The best time to fish Alaska is a subjective thought. For some, they want the peak of the run, or the longest days, or the best weather. For others they want the most or biggest fish, or the chance to target multiple species in one day.

Here at Big Dan’s, we have another thought for you to consider as the best time to fish Alaska. During the shoulder season, before the main throng of anglers descends on the Kenai Peninsula, we suggest this could be the best time to fish Alaska.

Having spent a long winter dreaming of fresh halibut and open water, the time between May 1 and June 14 is prime. Halibut fishing in the saltwater is good, and there are far less boats on the water, meaning less anglers and less competition. And to make this time even sweeter, we offer a special price for this time of the year.
For 3 day / 2 night packages that include one halibut trip, we are now offering an incredible savings of $180 per person. When you think about the best time to fish Alaska, think about not only the quality of the fishing, but the amount of traffic at the ports, on the Kenai River, in towns like Soldotna and Homer, at the restaurants, and at places of interest. To experience great fishing and less-crowded surrounds, we suggest you seriously consider fishing with us in the shoulder season.

Our captains are dialed into halibut fishing. They understand the best techniques and can show you how to catch halibut on both bait and jigs. Many consider halibut to be the best-tasting fish in the North Pacific, and our captains will help you get enough delicious white fillets for many scrumptious meals to come.

Give us a call to get some dates reserved for great shoulder-season fishing, limited pressure and crowds, long and mild days, which all add up to angling during the best time to fish Alaska.

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